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RBN Products

Single Wafer Process Etching, PR Striping, Cleaning, Thin Film Deposition, Bonder, Debonder, Wafer Transfer Taping-Detaping & CMP
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Metrology & Inspection
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Oxford Instruments
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Metrology & Inspection


Precision Electronic Measurement System

  • Accommodates samples up to 150 x 150mm
  • Low gauging forces
  • Metric or Imperial measurement display
  • Accurate to ±0.001mm (0.00004") over 10mm (0.4") measuring range


Process Etch, Thin Film Deposition, Bonder & CMP

Tribo CMP System

Logitech’s CMP system offers nanometer level metarial removal capabilities on either
individual die or wafers up to 200mm diameter.

Specific application where the system can do:

  • Silicon wafer CMP
  • Global CMP of III-V Compound Semiconductor
  • Global CMP of brittle, friable IR material substrates
  • Global CMP of Sapphire, Gallium Nitride & Silicon Carbide substrates
  • Reclamation of EPI ready substrates
  • Final Stage thinning of SOS & SOI wafers to below 20 microns
  • Device delayering for reverse engineering of FA applications



Precision Lapping & Polishing System

  Wafer Substrate Bonding Unit


For more information, please visit : www.logitech.uk.com




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