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Metrology & Inspection


The TREX 630 series is for 200mm or 300mm wafers and may be configured for lab or in-line use. This system's high-uptime, low maintenance configuration have already been selected by a large majority of the 300mm fabs world wide. This series may be configured a number of ways, from a powerful single sealed tube system to a powerful quad-source sealed tube configuration.

The Technos TVD-910 completely automates the vapor phase decomposition (VPD) prep for wafers. By dissolving the top oxide layer and concentrating the surface, it offers the ultimate in sensitivity for trace metal analysis. This versatile tool can prepare the droplet for analysis by placing it in a vial for inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) or drying the droplet on the surface of the wafer for total reflective X-ray fluorescence (TXRF).



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